The summer event with music and wines ! Meet us in our winery in Arbois, Chemin de Montesserin, Route de Dole.

We start at 6 pm with the tour of our winery, special offers, local foodtrucks, cheese and coldcuts platers and italian ice-cream, etc. 

Rock concerts start at 8 pm, two differents music bands : 

Les 3 Monts

Defining friends for life. You've got Christophe, the accordionist who can also play the ukelele, a jack-of-all trades. Vincent, our singing guitarist, with no musical downtime. Samir, the percussionist who plays with determination and rhythm. And last but not least, bassist Arnaud, who plays folk music with passion. 

The 3 Monts are here to bring you together and entertain you. 

58 Shot

58 Shots is a french modern classic rock band. Their music recaptures the codes of the 70s, with high-pitched vocals and epic guitar solos. They bring back to life a style that was thought to be dead and buried.


So, ready for the first edition of ROCK'N'ROLET ?

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